Thursday, 15 August 2013

An obsession?

You could say that, but it's one that I'll admit to, even in polite company.
I grow numerous types and I'll cover each of them in turn over time.
Normally most Asiatic Lilies that you see offered are small plants, they're bred to be dwarf uniform travesties, most likely with upward facing flowers jammed together at the top of the squat stem. They have their place I'm sure, and sell well during the summer season when set out in pots everywhere from the garden centre to the DIY store to the petrol station forecourt.
The Asiatics that I've been turned on to are those with outward and downward facing flowers. They're just better looking plants, with the blooms spaced out at the top of the adequately tall stalk and hanging their heads coyly.
Today I'll start of with a stunner called Lilium 'Pink Flavour'.
They're pink, I mean really girly Barbie pink with slightly frilled edges, yet in spite of this I love them.
I bought three bulbs this spring, not knowing if I'd like the resulting flowers. Google images threw up many different pictures suggesting what they could look like, some spotted, some not. I'm glad that I ended up with plants of the non spotty one.
The only downside is that like most Asiatics it doesn't have any scent. You expect (well I do anyway) a flower that looks like this to pack a powerful punch in the olfactory department, sadly that isn't the case. Still I'm willing to overlook that indiscretion for blooms like these.