Thursday, 6 July 2017

Unplanned progress

"Nope, I won't be removing the seating area at this stage" I stated late on Sunday afternoon.

Recent experiences of removing the shed and other structures in the garden are still fresh in my mind, dealing with the rubble that would result from its deconstruction was something I didn't feel ready for right now.

Yet, within half an hour there was I, sledgehammer in hand, knocking the first bricks from the corner.
I'd started, so I had to finish.
With help from my better half (a demon with a sledge) we took into knocking that sucker over.

I'd been looking at the thing since we moved in during December, in all its half finished wonky splendour. 

 It was unintended work, but felt cathartic in execution. Whack a section, see cracks appear, then grow with each strike to finally tumble in an ever growing heap of rubble and mortar.
The patio area now feels like it's part of the garden proper, rather than enclosed and sectioned off as it was before.
It feels more inviting already, even with the carnage that surrounds it.

We were ably assisted by Benson, he'd watch the progress, not being any help you understand but he felt that his presence certainly sped the process along.

Proud of his contribution, a day well spent.

Now, what to do with the tumbled bones of the structure? 
Remove from site?
Use as a base for a free draining succulent/xeric bed?
I wonder how some plants would cope with the alkalinity, not all would be impressed. I'd thought perhaps Proteas but then remembered that many in that family require acidic conditions....more thought required.
Progress continues elsewhere in the garden, the raised beds that were built earlier are filling out with succulent lushness.
Cannas and other moisture lovers will be planted farther along, where copious volumes of compost and manure have been incorporated.

Fleshy Sedums help fill the area among tender summer residents.

While Aloe 'Cosmo' throws a spike of richly coloured blooms.

It's fun at this stage, planning plotting and doing!